Oliver Laric, a post-contemporary drive

Oliver Laric
Group show „Post Capital“ @mudamlux, curated by @michellecottton. Photos by Rémi Villaggi.

Oliver Laric was one of my primary choices for the first edition of The New Art Fest (2016). Unfortunately, production issues made the presentation of his download-free artwork, Yuanmingyuan 3D, impossible. I invited Oliver Laric to show his work in Lisbon, but I am still awaiting his feedback.

The artwork of this Austrian artist corresponds perfectly to my notion of a post-contemporary condition, which takes time as an immaterial, non-anthropological dimension. Post-contemporary time is computer-time, working either with digital or quantum bits. Time becomes a dimension in space.

The consequences of this expansion of pre-modern (sun clock), modern (mechanical clocks), and postmodern time (collapse of time as ideology) are a singularity in human anthropology.

Untitled from Oliver Laric on Vimeo.

Time to update or review his work, namely on his official website; and Instagram.

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