Aruanu, 26 ans, et Rachel, 20 ans, citoyennes soutenant Dernière Rénovation, ont jeté de la peinture orange sur la statue “Horse and Rider” de Charles Ray située à la Bourse de commerce de Paris.

«Nous sommes la dernière génération capable d’empêcher
un effondrement sociétal.» Malgré l’urgence absolue, le gouvernement a trahi sa promesse d’appliquer “sans filtre” les mesures de la Convention Citoyenne pour le Climat (CCC), dont celle qui concerne la rénovation énergétique des bâtiments en France. Il a été condamné par ses propres tribunaux pour manquement à ses propres lois.

Dernière Rénovation

November 7, 2022 — Climate activists detained at Spain museum released from custody.

“Estoy aquí pegado porque la semana pasada la ONU hacía oficial que ya es imposible contener el calentamiento del planeta en 1,5 grados, sobrepasando los límites marcados en el Acuerdo de París y comprometiendo nuestra seguridad alimentaria”

El País. Madrid – 05 NOV 2022 – 14:20 CET

Climate protesters from Extinction Rebellion stick themselves to Goya’s paintings La Maja Desnuda (The Naked Maja) and La Maja Vestida (The Clothed Maja) to alert about the climate emergency in Madrid, Spain, November 5, 2022, in this picture obtained from social media. FuturoVegetal/via REUTERS

“ The young activists rightly guessed that targeting a famous painting, familiar and personal to many of us, would strike a nerve. They have clearly stated that they never intended to do real damage to the art, knowing that it was covered in protective glass. The action was meant to disrupt the status quo, to call attention to the dire state of the planet and to demand the end of all new oil and gas exploration. It has caught our attention and kickstarted a conversation about what really matters.”

I fund climate activism – and I applaud the Van Gogh protest
By Aileen Getty
The Guardian. Sat 22 Oct 2022 11.00 BST

Qatar World Cup migrant worker memorial to “reflect the scale of the humanitarian disaster”
By Tom Ravenscroft. dezeen, 22 November 2022.

The End of the World Has Already Happened

Timothy Morton
Listen at BBC Radio 4

Released On: 02 Jan 2020 Available for over a year

Many feel that climate change will destroy the world’s economy, flood cities, cause mass migrations and even cause regional wars, but why is it so difficult for so many of us to engage with it?

In this three-part series Timothy Morton, dubbed ‘philosopher prophet of the Anthropocene’, rethinks our psychological relationship with the climate crisis, and our place in the biosphere.

Morton cuts an unusual figure, an English literature scholar teaching in a Texas university who spends almost as much time in art galleries as he does writing. He draws on Heidegger and pet cats, William Blake and garden centres, psychoanalysis and collaborations with artists and musicians such as Olafur Eliasson and Bjørk.

Most environmental programmes start with a dramatic landscape or a plunge into the depths of the ocean. But we start in Tim’s driveway. If this climate crisis is a trauma, is there a way to reframe it? And what happens to our feelings when we do? ‘This is foetal-position time,’ he says, ‘but it’s on us: dolphins don’t have fingers to turn off the oil pipes.’ Feeling guilty and powerless is not the answer: ‘How come we conned ourselves into thinking that being ecological means we can’t have any fun anymore?’

With contributions from psychotherapist Caroline Hickman, journalist Amy Westervelt, and environmentalists George Monbiot and Hilton Kelley.

Produced by Chris Elcombe
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 4.

25 Famed Artworks That Have Been Vandalized
By Alex Greenberger
ARTnews. November 23, 2022

You can not add apples and oranges. Not all mentioned artworks have been vandalized similarly by similar motives.

António Cerveira Pinto

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