War and Peace

Breaking the Connection

By Andrei Loshak

The war came not only to Ukraine. She also came to Russian families. Society split into two camps: opponents and supporters of the “military operation”. There is no more neutrality. Treating “with understanding” is also no longer possible. Every Russian has relatives and close people with whom, after February 24, they either stopped communicating or reduced communication to a minimum. Parents break off relations with children, wives with husbands, sisters with brothers. No arguments work, propagandists from TV are trusted more than relatives.

Andrei Loshak’s film Breaking the Connection is dedicated to families that were split by the war. Its heroes are seven pairs of close people, with each of whom the author of the film talks to separately and asks the same questions. Filming lasted from the beginning of the war – during this time, none of the heroes changed their minds. This film is not an attempt at dialogue, but a sad testimony to the contrary. A ruthless diagnosis of a sick society in which propaganda is stronger than family ties.

Andrei Loshak is a Moscow-based TV and print journalist. In 2003 he was awarded TEFI, Russia’s most prestigious television award, in the category of Best TV Reporter.

Andrei Loshak (Facebook)

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